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LED Replacement Light Bulb Facts szledoem

From : SZLEDOEM.COM  Date : 7/21/2012 9:24:07 AM

•LED replacement light bulbs are a direct replacement, no re-wiring or transformers or special fittings, it really is as simple as changing a light bulb.

•The initial purchase cost of an LED replacement light bulb is usually paid back due to the savings on your electricity bill within 9-24months.

•LED replacement light bulbs last for 25,000 to 50,000+ hours, depending on what bulb type it is, that''s 15-30 years of normal use.

•LED replacement light bulbs are at full brightness straight away and do not flicker.

•Most branded LED replacement light bulbs are now dimmable and usually work with your current dimmer.

•LED replacement light bulbs contain no mercury vapour or other toxic substances.

•LED replacement light bulbs produce no UV light, so they won''t fade delicate colours and are also invisible to flying insects such as moths, making them especially great for outdoor use.
•LED replacement light bulbs are available in different shades of white light, called colour temperatures (hence their kelvin ratings);
•Warm white (2700k) is a match for traditional light bulbs and should be used in the majority of lighting in homes, especially if you want a warm & cosy feel, it''s better to stick with what you know.

•Although still officially classed as warm white, neutral whites (3000k-4000k) are a great colour for contemporary bathrooms and kitchens and are more of a "crisper" brighter type of light, it looks especially great with reflective surfaces such as granite and marble.

•Cool whites (above 4000k) are popular with shops and displays, to show products at their best, but as it''s close to daylight it may be too "white" for most people''s tastes in a home, unless used as feature lighting.

The following table is an illustration of how an LED replacement light bulb performs against a traditional incandescent light bulb. From this table you should be able to tell whether the equivalent LED bulb you''re thinking of buying, is really a true equivalent or whether somebody is just saying it is

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