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LEDOEM Light for the Supermarket Lighting

From : SZLEDOEM.COM  Date : 6/2/2012 12:04:14 PM

LEDOEM Lights for the Supermarket Lighting

The technology of LED light is very mature now. If we replace the traditional lamp with the LED lamps for the supermarket lighting, on the one hand, for the great power consumption supermarket monthly, it can help the supermarket save lots of electricity cost. On the other hand, the customers come to supermarket, not only for shopping, but also for the suitable leisure atmosphere in the supermarket. The LED light can help to create this leisure atmosphere.

While in the supermarket, what is the present and future situation for the LED lamps to replace the traditional lighting? LEDOEM lighting analyses as below.

First, T5 is the mainly lights in the large supermarket chains that try to gradually promote the LED products. At the end of last year, LED light products were fully applied in 100 Wal-Mart in China. The application of LED light products, not only help Wal-Mart save 50% lighting electricity, but also good for the environmental protection and energy saving.

Second, the competition of supermarket lighting market is intense. Now in the full competition lighting market, you will be overtook if you have a little lax.

Third, the threshold of LED product is high. The supermarkets only pay attention to product quality, not very care about the price. This virtually set up an entry barrier for the low quality enterprises.

The supermarket needs large amounts of LED lights in the near future. So whether the LED lamp can display its own advantages and value with the help of this supermarket platform. Sundopt lighting thought more and more consumers are familiar with LED lamps in supermarkets, which opens a way for the LED lamps into thousands of households.

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